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Ted Miller

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(no subject) [May. 12th, 2015|09:59 pm]
Ted Miller

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They Interrupt your Dinner, They Interrupt your Life [Jun. 20th, 2014|01:27 pm]
Ted Miller
In the spring of 2010 I went to work at a call center in Dearborn. My job, among hundreds of co-workers, was to sit in a cubicle while a computer placed calls to homes around the country. Once I had someone on the phone, my task was to convince him/her to donate to a charity; there were two of them-- a breast cancer one and another for disabled veterans.

Despite protests from the Call Center Powers that Be (the local t.v. news Problem Solvers and all sorts of charity watchdog groups were constantly on their case), these were dubious organizations. And it was my job to get anyone to donate. I killed my soul for $10 an hour for over a year. I also gained gained sixty pounds and developed sciatica.

At first, I was on the side of the people who this for-profit company, via me, were trying to trick. I'd think, "aww, man. I'm so sorry to bother you" while reading a script that was designed to get them to "give", or whatever.

I was bad at this job. After my first week, I was called into my supervisor's office and told, "Ed, we don't want to fire you. If we fire you, you can't come back. And it will go on your 'record' that you were terminated. But if you quit, there's a possibility that you could be re-hired."

I had been unemployed for over a year. And even though what this company was doing was across-the-board reprehensible, I was determined to draw a paycheck from them for as long as possible.

So when they told me to resign (because they didn't want to be on-the-hook for paying unemployment benefits), I told them that I wasn't a quitter and that I was ready to get back on the phone and get some "donations."

For the first few months, between getting called into the office and getting the "you should quit" hard-sell, I spent most of my time drawing pictures of what I thought the people who I was calling looked like. Then I discovered crossword puzzles and computer solitaire.

 photo ACS0.png

 photo ACS1.png

 photo ACS3.png

 photo ACS2.png

 photo ACS10.png

 photo ACS9.png

 photo ACS6.png

 photo ACS7.png

 photo ACS8.png

 photo ACS11.png

 photo ACS4.png

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Ivory Towers & Plastic Flowers [Feb. 26th, 2014|09:59 am]
Ted Miller
I didn't go to work yesterday because I didn't feel well.

I don't feel well today, either. But I have to pick-up stuff from Rocky's and Greensafe.
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I've Heard Everything I Have to Hear [Sep. 3rd, 2013|11:29 pm]
Ted Miller
Hannah & I stayed up eating pizza and watching "Breaking Bad" last night, so I didn't wake up until 10 AM.

I cleaned up the living room, drove to the bank, came home, went on the computer, worked out at the gym, picked-up Jason, practiced Pizazz songs, took him to his other band's practice, came home and hung out with Hannah.

Now I'm on the porch-- going on the computer
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(no subject) [Apr. 18th, 2013|08:06 am]
Ted Miller
I don't want anyone to rent the apartment above mine.

How do I make it seem haunted?
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(no subject) [Apr. 9th, 2013|04:27 pm]
Ted Miller
Mike turned 31 and took this picture of Alex, Alec, Jeremiah & me. Unless Natalia took it.

I know Marc didn't because he's in the background.

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(no subject) [Nov. 10th, 2012|06:59 pm]
Ted Miller
A former Kumon student rang me up at Kmart last night.

I was buying a blue hooded sweatshirt, spray paint and a beard trimmer. She forgot to scan the sweatshirt and had to call her manager to void the sale-- even though she, very easily, could've rang it seperately
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Chewing Out a Rhythm on My Bubble Gum [May. 27th, 2012|05:20 pm]
Ted Miller

That's what every room at the estate sale that Hannah and I rode our bikes to today looked like.

When Hannah asked the price of a rusty tin box, one of the weirdos who was running the sale said, "we just ran out of price tags. That's supposed to be four dollars."

As if anything in that heap ever had a price sticker on it!

I bought a ream of old paper for a dollar.
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(no subject) [Aug. 5th, 2011|07:13 pm]
Ted Miller
Hannah wants to do something, so we're going to ride our bikes to the Tap Room. We'll probably go to my dad's house too. The library keeps bugging Hannah about a DVD we didn't return and I think I left it over there.

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(no subject) [Aug. 4th, 2011|05:57 pm]
Ted Miller
When Hannah and I came home after a week at the ocean, the power in apartment was out. So our cats stayed at Stephanie's for an another day.
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