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I hate you, Mr. Braukoff [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Ted Miller

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A Thousand Lonely Husbands [Oct. 17th, 2019|01:39 am]
Ted Miller
McKenna came over and we finished writing a song I'd been working on for a while. She had a new song too-- Hannah & I helped but it's still not done. I love it, though.

We recorded the songs and I made sweet potato coconut curry. Katy was there too. We watched a show she likes.

Hannah, Katy, and McKenna made fun on men on tinder (sending them weird, sassy messages and so on) while I played records-- Jared Leibowich Welcome Late Bloomers, Nilsson Aerial Pandemonium Ballet, and then Various Artists (Trojan Records) From 'Bam-Bam' To 'Cherry Oh! Baby'. During the second side of Aerial Pandemonium Ballet my left speaker went out and I couldn't fix it. I need a new receiver.

There was talk of a fire, but it didn't happen. This was an inside night.
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(no subject) [Oct. 15th, 2019|01:53 pm]
Ted Miller
we were going to watch all of the terminator movies but stopped after the first one because terminator 2 isn't streaming for free anywhere.

hannah wants me to mow the lawn, but I think it looks cool long
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(no subject) [Oct. 7th, 2019|11:22 am]
Ted Miller
I went to work yesterday but I can't remember being there. I went to the gym too, and came home.
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(no subject) [Oct. 6th, 2019|12:57 am]
Ted Miller
vibers unite
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(no subject) [Oct. 5th, 2019|08:57 pm]
Ted Miller
cornucopia of vibes
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See, He's Still Kickin' [Oct. 5th, 2019|04:48 pm]
Ted Miller
Mike texted me to say that he doesn't need me to come into work tonight. Everyone's mugging me off so hard lately; I can't take it. I need a savior. I need a real friend*. I need a reason to survive the weekend.

Right now Hannah's watching a Hulu Original Movie about a group of young adults who play a truth or dare board game that kills them one by one. It's bad.

We went to see Joker last night; it rules. I wish I could be as thin as the Joker. I was at one point. And I've been losing weight since my psychiatrist prescribed Adderall; it's been the the solution to adder all my problems haha. I went on a pro ana message board to see what appetite suppressant works best, but all those morons just drink monster energy drink and take no doze, which sounds incredibly unpleasant. I'm gonna try grape seed extract; I think they have it at work.

But really, if I lost all that weight my skin wouldn't fit and I'd look like the eyeball hands monster from Pan's Labyrinth, a movie that's boring and sucks. Still gonna try, though.

Halfway through Joker the burglar alarm company called. I missed the call and went to the lobby to call them back. Their rep said that only one censor was tripped; it was a false alarm. This took twenty minutes, so Hannah and I went into a different, later showing of the movie to avoid missing anything.

Between going to the gym and going out with Hannah, I stopped at work. I bought chocolate covered banana chips, regular banana chips, and malted carob balls. But I only ate one of each and five kernels of popped corn. I threw the rest in the garbage on the way out of the theater. Go, me.

A white haired ghoul just showed up in Hannah's movie and poked one of the girls in the eye. Another of the girls is screaming about how they have to finish the game; it's "the only thing [they] can do," apparently. Although, I don't think that's gonna do them much good.

I might ride my bike or drive Hannah's broken car to the library. There are some books I've been meaning to read. But I'm probably just gonna re-read Olive Kitteridge; the sequel Olive Again comes out a week from Tuesday. I should probably finish or re-start Abide with Me since it's part of that whole deal too. That one's boring, though. Maybe it gets good. I wonder if the library has Rusty Brown yet. Just checked. They do; there's a wait list.

I should probably list some junk on ebay.

The people who die playing the board game in this movie come back as ghouls. One of them just cracked her neck. I've been obsessed with this youtube chiropractor who performs an adjustment he calls the "Ring Dinger." He has his patients lie down on his chiropractor's table, wraps a towel around their necks and yanks at their heads. There's a cracking sound, the patient screams and then says, "I felt it all the way down!" Dr Gregory Johnson then says, "that's a home run! That's why we call it Ring Dinger!" Ghoul just cracked her neck again in a fashion that Dr Johnson would call a Palmer Diversified Rotary Break.

Dr Gregory Johnson has an ongoing beef with a different youtube chiropractor whose videos suck. He made a video about how the Ring Dinger is dangerous and not even really a chiropractic adjustment because it's not "specific." Johnson made a counter video.

THEN the nay saying chiropractor teamed up with a third youtube chiropractor, Dr Joseph Cipriano, for a crossover episode in which they pretend to forget what the Ring Dinger is called. But it's such bullshit because Cipriano performs an adjustment that's virtually identical to the Ring Dinger, except instead of a towel he uses something called a Y Strap; his patients "feel it all the way down" their spines too. I recommend the episode "*CRACKED LIKE A GLOWSTICK* By Dr Joseph Cipriano." His videos are actually pretty good.

When Hannah and I got home from seeing Joker, the house was fine. The life size skeleton that Hannah had seated on one of the living room couches had fallen off the couch-- that's what set off the alarm. I made a salad and we watched an episode of Love Island. The women and men had been separated and placed into different villas with new romantic rivals. One of the men was worried that his bird was cracking-on with someone else. She was.

*I have real friends-- Mike among them
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(no subject) [Oct. 5th, 2019|02:53 am]
Ted Miller
2019 MOVIES that I've seen so far, from BEST TO WORST

Happy Death Day 2U
Under the Silver Lake
Once Upon a Time in Hollywood
Velvet Buzzsaw
Spider-Man: Far from Home
Child's Play
The Curse of La Llarona
Pet Semetary
Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark

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(no subject) [Sep. 25th, 2019|03:25 pm]
Ted Miller
I bought lawn chairs at the junk store on harper. Reilly and McKenna built a fire in the yard.
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(no subject) [Sep. 22nd, 2019|11:11 am]
Ted Miller
I had planned on going bowling with some of my former Barnes & Noble co-workers last night. I was all ready to go, even even brought a change of clothes in case I got food all over myself while working at Try It Raw. But instead I went home, took nyquil and went to sleep.

I gotta find some lawn chairs
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(no subject) [Sep. 19th, 2019|11:47 am]
Ted Miller
gotta take my medicine now
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